FAQs About Canela’s Rapid Hair Growth Formula Herbal Infused Oil

1. What is the main base ingredient present in this Canela’s Rapid Hair Growth Formula?

Coconut oil is the main base oil in our RHGF oil (Rapid Hair Grow Formula oil). Coconut oil seals in moisture to help improve circulation and is nutrient-rich in anti fungal. Some that was allergic to coconut oil was able to use it, with no reaction. However, we suggest you do a 24 hour small skin patch test on your inner forearm prior to full use. If you have any allergic reactions; disregard. If your allergic to coconut oil, we recommend you try our Re-Juvynation oil if it’s in stock.

2. This product is suitable for which hair type?

It Scientifically proven to work on all hair types; no matter the structure. However, our products are made for kinky|coily|curly natural hair.

3. Can I mix and match products from the collection?

Of course! That’s the whole purpose of the collection. So each product can complete each other.

4. How often should I use this product?

It’s scientifically proven to work using as desired. However, we require a daily application. You also, may use it twice a day for maximum results. Make sure to massage scalp afterwards.

5. Can I use this product on my colored/treated hair?

Synamon Whaley has box dye colored treated hair. Others with color has had successful results as well.

6. What is the regime to use this product?

It’s simple… Just take the dropper, apply to hair and scalp, massage in scalp and go…Maybe used as a sealer, hot oil treatment, pre-poo, after styling as final product… You may use it on scalp; and/or whole head. A little goes a long way.

7. Is this a paraben and chemical free oil?

Yes, it’s free of any harsh chemicals. We make sure to use non- toxic ingredients.

8. Why should i use Canela’s Rapid Hair Growth Formula oil?

It has proven results, from honest customer’s.

9. How does Canela’s Rapid Hair Growth Formula Benefit Me?

Helping you maintain a healthy head of hair.

Healing your follicles from within. Try for yourself… you’ll understand…

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