If you, like me, have a sensitive scalp, or hair gets easily dry, brittle, un-ruley, or maybe struggling with length retention and need help with retaining length, or just concerned about all the ingredients you are putting on your scalp… either way, welcome to Canela’s Homemade Hair Care. You have come to the right place.

-Artisan crafted with love products…

We are a 100% natural hair brand that creates safe, eco friendly, organic, non toxic, cruelty free certified products. That’s backed up by the power of scientific formulations; that we strive to create clean products that perform better than ultra beauty products. Our focus is to help promote healthier, longer, thicker, stronger hair growth for all naturally(kinky|coily|curly)hair types. However, it’s scientifically proven to work on all hair no matter of the structure. We are on a mission to bring you high-end quality products that’s clean for the body, soul, and mind. We take pride in carefully and ethically sourcing our ingredients (in our home lab); to create products that’s are not only good for your hair and scalp but also safe for the planet. Join us in embracing clean and sustainable beauty that help heals from within… it’s the only way.

Everyone Deserves The Best

Nourishing your hair is just as important as feeding your body. We know you want the best nutrition for your hair. That is why we are committed to using the highest quality natural ingredients in our formulas. These ingredients are organic, sustainably sourced, ethically grown, plant based, non toxic, cruelty free, and free of harsh minerals, sulfates, parabens, pesticides, chemicals, artificial, etc.

Making your weekly shop fast, easy and fun. Everything we stock is checked and labelled so you can check-out faster.

More product choices coming soon than you can shake a shopping bag at. Take your pick and purchase our products with complete confidence.


Our Best Seller

  • ✔️Alleviate Split Ends

    by obscuring it helps with protecting, restoration, and addressing the issue; as well as reducing damage. It also conceal the ends. Overtime use as directed the damage will lessen.

  • ✔️Promote Healthy Hair Growth

    by stimulating slow-producing hair follicles and delivering essential fatty acids and vitamins into the scalp.

  • ✔️Strengthen By Penetrating the Hair Shaft
  • ✔️Wakes Up and Stimulate Hair Follicles
  • ✔️Add Shine
  • ✔️For all hair types

    backed up by the power of science our products has scientifically proven to work or all hair types regardless of the structures.

  • ✔️For Color Treated

    Synamon Whaley the owner is living proof; our products work on box colored treated hair. Along with many others who has successfully results.

  • ✔️Prevent Frizz
  • ✔️Add Softness
  • ✔️Fights Against Dandruff
  • ✔️Preserve and Seal In Moisture

    seals in moisture to help improve circulation and is nutrient-rich in anti fungal.

  • ✔️Revive and Moisturize Dry Hair
  • & lots more…

    Xoxo Same ingredients; yet different labels! Our Best Selling; Canela’s Rapid Hair Growth Formula! The start of it all!!!