(DIY) Natural Decaf Green Tea Home Remedy

(DIY) Natural Decaf Green Tea Home Remedy

How to Stop Excessive Hair Shedding/and Minimize Hair Loss

Natural Decaf Green tea home Remedy (DIY)

Type of Ingredients: antiseptic, antibacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,


What You’ll Need: 1 decaf tea bag, 8oz of water, pot, and measuring cup, applicator bottle

Steps You’ll Take: 1.) shampoo 2.) apply tea rinse to clean damp roots 3.) condition/detangle 4.) deep condition

How to Make: Brew tea as normal; by placing 8 ounces of water in a pot. First bring water to a boil, than place the tea bag in a heat safe container. Next pour the 8oz water over the tea bag. Make sure to stir around the tea bag and let it sit. (This allow the herbs to filter out and allow the water to cool). Once water cool you take the tea bag out. Last pour it in a applicator bottle.

How to Apply: Part hair in 4 sections. Twist 3 sections in a bun. Leave 1 section open. Apply tea to roots than place in a twist bun. Than move to the next section. Repeat the steps until it’s all over your scalp. Make sure to put treatment on scalp only!!! Massage in, leave on your scalp for about 15 minutes than rinse out. Make sure to follow up with a conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. Within 2 weeks you should see a huge difference in the amount of shedding you have. Don’t abuse it because caffeine does dry out your hair. Do it the first week, than the second week, than skip to every other week. Once it work stop using!!! Do it every other week for a month or a month in a half. You see results stop!

How Does it Work: Hair loss and hair shedding is caused by a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone “DHT” caffeine blocks DHT and it’s effects helping to reduce hair fall and stimulates new hair growth.

Benefits: Green tea is full of nutrients, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and caffeine, a super trio for hair growth! A green tea hair rinse is effective enough to nourish your hair follicles with natural goodness. It rejuvenates, promote healthy scalp, enhance shine, fights hair loss. As it has powerful levels of antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E, it can also help to guard against sun damage. Results into thicker hair and promote hair growth.

Using caffeine green tea or black tea is possible; however it’s too strong and May dry your hair out. I’ve used myself decaf; and seen amazing results. If you don’t feel comfortable; just purchase our Re-Juvy-Nation formula as long as it’s in stock!!! It does the same thing; yet more and even faster than the tea rinse!!!!




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